Recession-proof your practice.

January 5, 2009

IStock_000003253997Small-2 In uncertain times, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. It’s easy to focus on getting from one day to the next without really thinking strategically about your practice. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, start now to recession-proof your practice for 2009 and beyond.

Regardless of your practice area, your clients are looking to you now more than ever to be a source of confidence for them. The more you work to build confidence in yourself and your future, the more confidence you can provide for your clients. (Hint: You can become a source of confidence for everyone in your life – not just your clients.)

In her recent article for the ABA Journal, Susan A. Berson outlines 10 Tips to make your practice recession-proof. Some of her tips are simply good business practices: manage your cash flow, maintain a good credit rating, and keep your accounts receivable in check. Some suggest rethinking your entire practice: don’t label yourself, be willing to change/rethink your practice area, understand/redefine your market (then get out there and market!). For example, start using professional networking sites liked LinkedIn. If you don’t have a profile on LinkedIn, you should.

Bottom line: We tend to get what we focus on. So, focus on making your practice better than it’s ever been. You will be amazed at your results.

Click here to read Berson’s entire article at the ABA Journal online.

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