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Nora has spoken to attorneys and bar leaders across the country, including presentations for the American Bar Association, The Florida Bar, the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, the National Association of Bar Executives, and numerous voluntary and specialty bar associations.

Nora Riva Bergman

What people are saying about Nora’s presentations . . .

“Nora Bergman is an incredibly dynamic and outstanding speaker. Her ability to speak in a clear and concise manner leaves you wanting more at the end of her speech. Additionally, she is one of the most positive and organized individuals I’ve ever met. Lastly, Nora is committed to her job and her mission in assisting attorneys to be the best that they can be!”
Patience A. Burns, CAE
Executive Director
Palm Beach County Bar Association


“I’ve had the pleasure of attending several presentations by Nora Riva Bergman. Bergman’s content is only surpassed by her presentation skills. Possessing both is key for a good speaker, and Bergman has the whole package! Bergman is comfortable in front of a crowd, responds to questions with confidence, and offers interactive dialogue to engage her audience. And, her preparation is evidenced by the quality of her program materials- the handouts and visual presentations are detailed and tailored for her audience.  Her program evaluations bear out my enthusiasm, with high ratings from attendees. I highly recommend Ms. Bergman as a skilled presenter!”
Yvonne McGhee
Executive Director
Fairfax Bar Association
Fairfax, Virginia

“Having attended a presentation by Nora Bergman, from Atticus, Inc., I highly recommend attending. I was so impressed and learned so much I have attended three of her presentations. Nora’s presentation is entertaining and highly informative. If you want to come away with practical tips on how to effectively work with individuals, while keeping organized, efficient and highly productive this is a presentation to attend.”
Connie R. Pruitt
Executive Director

Hillsborough County Bar Association
Tampa, Florida

“Nora Bergman from Atticus was one of several keynote speakers at the 2007 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference in which over 100 President-Elect bar leaders, current Presidents, plus Executive Directors from most of the 67 counties in Florida attended. Nora’s presentation on Time Management was considered by me and all of the other participants the best program at this conference. She was dynamic and energetic delivering valuable points that I can use each day that will help me manage my time and be a more productive manager. I highly recommend listening to her presentation.”
Brant Bittner
Executive Director
Orange County Bar Association
Orlando, Florida

“Nora Bergman from Atticus was, hands down, the highest rated speaker at our conference of Florida Voluntary Bar Leaders in Orlando in 2007. I am on the committee organizing the 2008 conference, so I read all of the evaluations of speakers from last year’s attendees. All of the comments from those Bar Presidents and Executive Directors were so positive, that we have asked Nora to participate as a speaker at our conference again this year. My association is hosting the event at Saddlebrook Resort I Pasco County. Personally, I was so impressed with what Nora had to say that I have invited her to speak on Time Management at our bar meeting in March 2008. I am closing both of my offices so that my entire staff of eight legal assistants can be at that meeting and hear what she has to say!”
Sallie D. Skipper, President
West Pasco Bar Association

“As executive director of a local bar association I have worked with many, many speakers over my 25 years of bar experience. I wish every speaker could be as knowledgeable, well-prepared and entertaining as Nora Bergman. From her PowerPoints to her handouts, and the content of her presentations Nora is creative, well-spoken and right on point. Nora’s experience as a practicing attorney, bar exec, and teacher uniquely qualify her to touch the audience so that they come away with tools to improve their practice as well as their personal life.”
Karen France, CAE
Executive Director
Clearwater Bar Association
Clearwater, Florida