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Want to advance? Plan a retreat.

Are you ready to set a strategic vision for your law firm or bar association? Do you want build a stronger team? Do you want to create an effective conflict management process for your office? A retreat may be the answer.

RetreatsAs law firms and bar associations begin to think about scheduling a retreat they often focus primarily on the “event” of the retreat.  But the retreat, itself, is only one part of the entire “process.”  The true work of any retreat is in the implementation of the plans and objectives that are identified during the retreat.  In addition, there is work that must be done in advance of the retreat.  Whether your firm or association is considering  a strategic planning retreat, a leadership and staff development retreat, a retreat designed to create a law firm marketing plan, or a retreat incorporating the Conflict Dynamics Profile or DISC Behavioral Style Assessment, the retreat is much more than simply an “event.”  Retreats – whatever the focus – are a “process” having three stages:

  1. Planning. This stage involves interviews with the partners, board members, and often staff members. It is during this stage that the objectives for the retreat are agreed upon.
  2. The Retreat. Retreats typically range in duration from a half-day to two days. During the retreat goals and objectives are identified and clear action plans for achieving those goals are created.
  3. Implementation. Implementation takes place in the days weeks and months following the retreat. This is often the stage where organizations can lose focus and face challenges implementing their identified goals.

Are you ready to plan a retreat for your law firm or association?

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