Create a sound balance in your life.

Real Life Practice is an approach to attorney coaching that recognizes the importance of achieving a sound balance between your life and your law practice.

In order to successfully manage and grow your practice, sometimes you must stop what you are doing, look around and reassesses what’s working and what’s not.  All too often that just doesn’t happen.  If you feel like you simply can’t manage your time or do what it takes to effectively market your firm or manage your staff or increase your revenues, you need to stop and develop a plan.  Then execute.

Our logo was inspired by the “fermata” a musical notation that indicates a pause, rest, or stop.  In music, a pause or rest can be just as important to a work as the notes themselves.  The same can be said for a successful law practice.

Logo infographic

You can do this.

Before attending law school, Nora worked as a professional musician for 10 years.  As a law firm coach, Nora draws from her experiences both as a lawyer and a musician.  So if you’re ready to create a life and a law practice that rocks…

  • Stop.
  • Develop a plan.
  • Then execute.

Remember, this is your life. Your music. Your law firm is your band. Don’t settle for amateur hour.

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