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September 15, 2008

IStock_000000384282Small-2 The Los Angeles-based law firm of Quinn Emanuel is shaking up the practice of law. According to the September issue of Fast Company magazine, “Quinn Emanuel has adopted the strategy, attitude, and accoutrements of a Red Bull — fueled startup. It focuses only on business litigation: no tax, real estate, or other common corporate practices. Even more galling to the tradition-bound large full-service firms that are its competitors, the firm takes some cases on contingency, meaning that it doesn’t get paid if it doesn’t win.”

Business litigation on contingency? That’s definitely not your traditional law firm. But that’s not the only thing that Quinn Emmanuel does differently. Dress at the firm is casual, and there is a “Starbucks-style” coffee room just off the reception area. Their style appears to be paying off. Total gross revenues last year were $384.5 million. Could your firm learn something from Quinn Emmanuel?

Click here to read the entire article at Fast Company.

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