How We Help Law Firms

Take your team to the next level.

Law firms and bar associations are using the DISC, EQ and other assessments to increase self-awareness; to foster commitment and cooperation; to improve communication; and to build truly high-performance teams.

DISC assessment
The DISC Behavioral Style Assessment is based on a theory of behavior called “DISC.”  “DISC” is an acronym that represents four different dimensions of normal behavior, which are:

D – how you respond to problems and challenges.
I – how you influence others to your point of view.
S – how you respond to the pace of the environment.
C – how you respond to rules and procedures set by others.

We all operate across these four dimensions with differing levels of intensity in each dimension.  By understanding our own behavioral style and appreciating the behavioral style of others we can increase our effectiveness, improve our communication – both in the workplace and in our personal lives, and enhance the quality of all of our relationships.

Gain Self-Awareness.

All great leaders are self-aware. They understand their own behavior and they understand the impact their behavior has on others. Great leaders – and great lawyers – know that self-awareness is a key to success. The DISC increases self-awareness because it allows you to see yourself as other see you. As the saying goes, “Perception is reality.” So, how you are perceived has a tremendous impact on your ability to influence and lead others.

Become a Better Marketer.

We like to work with people that we “know, like, and trust.” And we tend to know, like and trust people to who we think are like us. The DISC helps us understand others – how they prefer to communicate, what motivates them, and what they don’t like.  Understanding DISC will help you improve your relationhip marketing in very powerful ways.

Resolve and PreventConflict.

The DISC is also an excellent conflict management tool. Understanding and appreciating different behavioral styles is the first step in resolving and preventing conflict. The DISC will provide insight into how your team members can be most effective, and it will help them understand each other on a whole new level. When law firms utilize the DISC with all members of the team understanding and cooperation grows.

Build Your High-Performance Team.

Top law firms use the DISC as part of their recruitment and hiring process by benchmarking a position, and then using the DISC to help identify the right person for the job. Guessing at what people do best and what motivates them is simply “shot in the dark management.” It doesn’t work in the 21st Century.

We offer customized DISC retreats for law firms and bar associations.

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