How We Help Law Firms

Conflict can be productive.

“In great teams conflict becomes productive. The free flow of conflicting ideas is critical for creative thinking, for discovering new solutions no one individual would have come up with on his own.”
– Peter Senge

Learning to manage conflict in your law firm is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your practice and your life.  Managing conflict in your association board can mean the difference between a successful year and one fraught with problems.

Conflict, itself, is not negative, but our responses to it can be.  Implementing the right conflict management strategies and techniques in response to conflict will affect the outcome in a much more positive way.

Nora is certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) and affiliated with the Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College.  The CDP provides leaders, managers and employees with a greater awareness of how they respond when faced with conflict so that they can improve on those behaviors causing the most problems. While the CDP is often used in a workplace environment, it is equally valuable as a tool for non-profits, executive boards, and other organizations.

Becoming a Conflict Competent LeaderTogether with Craig Runde, director of the Center for Conflict Dynamics and co-author of Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader (Jossey-Bass,2007), we have created a program utilizing the CDP and designed specifically to help attorneys learn to manage conflict effectively in their law practices. The program, Becoming a Conflict Competent Lawyer, focuses on conflict behaviors, rather than styles, emphasizes an action-oriented approach which lessens the problems associated with harmful or unproductive forms of conflict and results in more effective conflict management skills.

Do you need help managing conflict in your firm or association?

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