Are you an odd fish or a lost guppy?

January 11, 2007

Fish2 That’s one of the questions posed by Karen Post in her article Odd Fish Finish First for Post’s article is aimed at “companies” with “customers” but her message is just as relevant for “professional service firms” with “clients.” According to Post:

Odd fish are memorable. Odd fish command a premium price. Odd fish exude added dimensions of value. Odd fish finish first. In business, understanding this metaphor is the difference between drowning in a sea of sameness and being a great brand.

How true – especially for law firms that risk being lost in a sea of commoditization! Post offers 10 tips on how to differentiate your business. Check them out, and think about which ideas you can apply to your firm. Think outside the tank and get odd. Otherwise – to borrow a phrase from The Godfather – you may be “sleeping with the fishes.”

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