How law firms can deliver “Ritz-Carlton” service.

January 15, 2007

Service2 It’s a fact that the most successful law firms know how to deliver stellar client service while maintaining a high level of productivity and morale among their attorneys and staff. And the demand for stellar service is not going to decline in the years to come.

Rather, the demand will continue to increase as we move from an Experience Economy to a Transformational Economy, as discussed by Pine & Gilmore in their book, The Experience Economy.

But where can law firms go to learn how to deliver “Ritz-Carlton” Service, you ask? Ritz-Carlton. That’s right. For the past seven years, the hotel chain known for its extraordinary service has run The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center where client service companies can learn the secrets of the Ritz. King & Spalding is one of only a few law firms who are participating in the program. Check out the article on the Leadership Center in this month’s ABA Journal.

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