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February 12, 2018
It’s been a while since I’ve been so impressed with a product that I’ve wanted to write about it. But I’m in love with

At one time or another I’ve experimented with a variety of online services to help me keep track of projects, personal tasks, and tasks I’ve delegated. I’ve tried slack, asana, Wrike, Trello and others I don’t even remember. None of them ever seemed to do what I wanted. “What is it that you wanted?” I can hear you asking. Well, I wanted a simple, intuitive method for tracking lots of stuff – from complex projects to simple tasks. Don’t get me wrong; each of the services I’ve tried had some features I liked, but they just didn’t work for me.

For the past few years I’ve been using Wunderlist. I like its simplicity and that it allows collaboration and the delegation of tasks. Just as I was nice and comfy using Wunderlist for my stuff, Microsoft had to go and buy it. Although Wunderlist is still around, its days are numbered. So for the past few months, I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. is the answer for me. Here’s why I love it, and I think you might, too.

It’s easy to get started. uses what it calls “Boards” to organize your stuff. Boards are like really nifty spreadsheets, and they are easily customizable. AND they have a ton of templates to get you started from Team Tasks, which is a great place to track simple tasks, to Project Plans to Social Media Management to Employee Onboarding. You can start a board from scratch or pick a template and customize it to your needs. If you’re a Clio user, you can integrate with your Clio software using Zappier.

Delegation is simple. You can delegate tasks to anyone on your team. ( refers to tasks as “pulses” because used to be known as Here’s why they changed their name.) is a great place to delegate tasks that you may not want (or need) in your case management software, but that you want to keep track of regardless. If you’re like so many of the lawyers I work with, you might use email to delegate simple tasks to the team. The problem with email delegation is that, all too often, the email goes into a black hole. It is not easy to track tasks delegated with email. Yes, Outlook does have a task function, but I’ve never liked it. to the rescue. One-click delegation and you’ll get an update on the status of the task based on parameters you choose, such as – “Done,” “Working on it,” or “Stuck.”

Create Shareable and Private Boards. OK, in order to create private boards – accessible only to you or team members you designate – you’ll need a Pro subscription. But the Pro subscription allows you to invite an unlimited number of guests to your account, as well. Guests are people outside your team. You could use the guest function to invite a client to a password-protected Board created just for them. You could also use the guest function to collaborate with virtual assistants on social media or other projects. If you have 10 users in your office, Pro subscriptions start at $119 per month. That’s $119 per month for 10 users – total, not $119 per user.

There are more reasons why I’m in love with But I’d encourage you to check it out for yourself. If you do, I’d love to hear how you’re using it for your firm.

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  1. Brian says:

    Glad you found a tool that works for you Nora. I’ve also tried slack, basecamp, and one or two I can’t remember. It’s just me and Karen so we run our whole lives out of Google Calendar and project-specific Google Docs.

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