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July 31, 2013

When I checked my email this morning, I found the email below from my friend, Melissa Brown. With Melissa’s permission, I’m sharing it here as a reminder of what’s really important.

I’m beyond devastated that a giant in legal technology, friend, mentor & all around amazing fellow died today from a heart attack. Ross Kodner was only 52. I’m sure many of you knew him & received invaluable technology advice from him.

Others have written more about this shocking news. You can read it here http://ballinyourcourt.wordpress.com/& there’s more on twitter if you search “Ross Kodner.”

Life is precious. We must remember that & not let our clients’ problems & other work issues distract us from our greatest priorities.

I’m on vacation this week with my family. The timing of my vacation was terrible given office obligations & caseload. I really did not want to take the week off at the beach b/c it just wasn’t “convenient.”

I hate to think I had to lose a friend to knock me upside the head to set my priorities straight–but, this news struck a huge chord with me.

Even if you did not know Ross, take a moment tomorrow & ask, “Are work & other obligations (even volunteer w/ our favorite legal organizations?!?!?) taking me away from my family to detriment of the very people I love the most?” If so, re-prioritize!

Off to turn off iPhone & computer to play board games with my family!!!


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