“Laser Talk” or “Elevator Pitch.” Why you need to have one.

July 3, 2007

Mentalking One of the most important conversational strategies in the Atticus marketing tool kit is the Laser Talk. Simply put, the Laser Talk allows you to inform your listener about what you do. Hint: If someone asks you, “So what do you do?” “I’m an attorney,” is not only not a Laser Talk, it’s not a good answer. Period.

According to David Yewman, co-owner of Elevator Speech, a consulting firm that specializes in helping clients craft 30-second descriptions of their companies, “Executives who can’t, in a half a minute, explain what they do and why anyone should care miss out – on sales, funding, partnerships and more opportunities.” Attorneys who can’t explain who they help, how they help them, and what’s unique about their practice in 30 seconds miss out on referrals. It’s that simple.

In the July issue of Inc. magazine, Yewman works with a home security company to help them craft their what Yewman refers to as their “Elevator Pitch.” After a lot of talk about “virtual connectivity,” “redundancy,” and “a web portal to monitor events,” they hit upon: “We are bringing home security out of the closet.” (There’s a pretty funny “back story” to this line, too.)

“You’ve got to cut right to it, hit them over the head with it. The magic comes when you can talk like a human being about your business, and when you can really deliver a punch on why this is important,” says Yewman.

You can learn to talk like a human being [read: non-lawyer] about what you do. Attorneys are in the business of changing lives, transforming lives. Don’t be afraid to speak genuinely about how you help people!

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