Continuous Improvement

Time for a summer refresher?

July 14, 2014

CaptureIt’s July. It’s hot. It’s time for vacation. Or maybe you’re just back from vacation. Or maybe you don’t have a vacation planned. (If that’s the case, we need to talk.)

During the summer, it’s easy to fall off track and let the good habits you created in the spring fade into the summer sunset. Don’t succumb to the summer doldrums! Instead, focus on the little things that can make a big difference in your practice and your life. Need a little help getting motivated? Download my eBook – 6 Keys to Your Success. Read it by the pool, or on the beach or at the park. Then put the keys to work for you, and get ready for an awesome autumn.

Here are the 6 Keys:

1. TANSTATM – There Ain’t No Such Thing as Time Management.
2. Get in the habit of planning.
3. Chunk it down.
4. Limit needless interruptions.
5. Do it. Defer it. Delegate it. Ditch it.
6. Give yourself a break.

Want to learn more about each key? Click here to download 6 Keys to Your Success

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