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Valorem means value. Really.

March 6, 2011

So I’m poking around in the App store on my iPad. (Should I get the new iPad? Oy. That’s a topic for another day.)  Anyhow, so I come across an app called Valorem Law.  It’s an app from the Valorem Law Group, a Chicago litigation firm.  Intrigued, I download it.  The first time you launch the app while it’s loading you get the following message on your screen:  “Other attorneys would be billing you for this time.” I am further intrigued . . . and smiling.

The welcome screen contains five menu buttons: Tip of the day, News, About Us, Attorneys, and Beat the Clock.  As I write this post today’s “Tip of the Day” recommends using decision trees to “help you focus on the true settlement value of the case.”  There’s also a history of past tips you can scroll through.  “Beat the Clock” is . . . your opportunity to do exactly that.  (Download the app to check it out.)

So, after noodling around with the app for a while, I had to visit ValoremLaw Group’s website.  If you ever thought it was impossible to break the rules, have a cool website, and successfully implement value pricing, while at the same time actually having some fun, visit the Valorem Law Group.  It looks like they’ve done just that.  Check out their What’s so revolutionary? page.  Click on Lunch with a Cool Person.  I often coach my clients about the value of presenting “reverse seminars” as a way to educate your team and referral sources – and build great relationships.  Check out Valorem’s approach.  Very cool. 

By the way, one of Valorem’s attorneys is Patrick J. Lamb who writes the blog In Search of Perfect Client Service, which I’ve featured my Legal Blogs since . . . forever.  Who knew?

If you’ve ever thought about ditching the billable hour, you owe it to yourself to visit Valorem Law Group.  They are doing it right, and having some serious fun in the process.  Ya gotta love that.

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