Showcase Your Firm in a Digital Photo Frame

June 11, 2010

Digital photo frameWant an easy way to showcase your firm and provide useful information to clients and potential clients? Get yourself a digital photo frame and set it up in your reception area. Digital photo frames have dropped in price over the past year and are now very affordable.

What can you do with a digital photo frame? A lot. Below are just a few ideas, and I bet you and your team can come up with even more.

  • Include photos of everyone on your team with their names and positions. And if it works for your firm’s culture maybe a funky fun fact: Mary Jones, Full-Time Paralegal and Part-Time Gourmet Cook.
  • Include photos of happy clients. This is a great option for estate planning attorneys and adoption attorneys.
  • Does your firm support a local charity or foundation? Include photos from events you’ve attended.
  • Do you mentor law students or high school students? Include photos of you working with them.
  • Create a PowerPoint* presentation with information about your firm and practice areas.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation of testimonials from clients. Consider this the 21st Century version of a book of handwritten notes or framed notes hung on your wall. (Check the Rules of Professional Responsibility in your jurisdiction with respect to testimonials.)

*PowerPoint presentations will need to be converted to video. Wondershare PPT to Video software converts PowerPoint presentations to video that will play on a digital photo frame, iPhone or iPad. Click here to learn more about Wondershare PPT to Video software at cnet.

For a small investment of time and money, your digital photo frame can become one of your best marketing tools.

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