Who are you . . . really?

March 29, 2009

IStock_000003950049Small-2 When you envision yourself and your law practice, what do you see? Your answer to this question will have a dramatic impact on how well you fare during these scary times. Are you creating your firm or are you just re-creating what thousands of lawyers before you have done? If you’ve never thought about these things, now is the time. You can hum the same tired tune or you can orchestrate your future. Now is the time, and the choice is yours. You can do this.

The lawyers who will thrive in the coming years are those who have created their own vision of what their law firm can be. And who then get busy making that vision a reality. Those that thrive will bring a true spirit of entrepreneurship to their firms. They’ll wake up every morning with one burning question: “How can we serve our clients better?”

So get busy. Start by asking yourself and your team the question: “How can we serve our clients better?” Make a list. Get going. Start renewing. Start reinventing. Take it one step at a time. You will get there.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the work that you discover must be done. One step at a time. Symphonies aren’t written overnight. They are written note by note, line by line, measure by measure. Your life and law practice can be that symphony or samba or rock ‘n roll anthem. Just start. Now.

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