Emulate success.

May 29, 2007

Businesswomanmeeting One of my favorite authors on business development and leadership is D.A. Benton. In her book, Lions Don’t Need to Roar, she discusses the importance of emulating success as a means to become more successful. As you continue to grow your practice and strive toward greater success, keep this advice in mind:

Keep a keen eye trained on those who are successful. See how they operate. Discern their good traits from the bad. Tuck away and remember what you’ve learned by watching and listening. Then use it when you are in a similar situation yourself.

Emulating the skills and traits of those who are where you want to be is one of the most effective ways of getting there faster. Watch and learn from those lawyers who are successful, happy and living balanced lives. Emulate the good. Discard the bad.

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