Listen to me.

September 26, 2006

Do you want to develop an extraordinary client base? “Of course I do,” you’re thinking, “What a silly question.” Well then, I have one word for you – Listen. Learning to really listen is probably the single most significant thing you can do to improve your personal and professional relationships, and consequently improve your client base.

Our lives are all about relationships. Not just our personal lives, but our professional lives, too. Relationships are about trust. Trust is built over time by really understanding the other person. And the only way you can truly understand someone is to listen. And listen not only to their words, but to their body language, as well. Check out Tim Sanders Examples of the Seven Faces Page featuring research by Dr. Paul Eckman.

One last tip. Don’t multitask while someone is talking to you. Don’t go through your mail, check your emails, glance at your project lists – you get the idea. Multitasking while someone is talking to you sends two very clear signals: 1) What you are talking about is not important enough to really demand my attention, and 2) Even if #1 is true, “I am rude.”

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